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We are waterlogged.
We're at a logjam.
Hello, beaver. In first nation/Native American lore, each of us gets at least one totem animal, a spirit who protects us. For example, I have a friend who reportedly sees foxes on her way home from the office (she lives in the suburban Baltimore area). These animals choose you to aid in your development. Beavers represent building structures that last. (Foxes aid you in camouflage, in blending in when you don't want to be seen.)

A major building block of astrological language is the elements: fire, earth, air and water. All of the elements speak the same language, as if they were from the same country of origin. They're like your homeboys or around-the-way girls. You are simpatico; you get each other with minimal explanation. Because one of the ways I see astrology is an excellent tool to improving our relationships, knowing your element and who speaks the same language can be helpful to understanding our similarities as well as our differences.

So I'd suggest reading the entire section devoted to your element. We can use the physical properties of each element as metaphors offering clues to how we might behave. It is clear that this fourfold division points to our psychological health or dysfunction (when excessive or repressed).

In order to facilitate better understanding, I will start each column with the element in which we are currently traveling. And I will group each sign according to its element. Some weeks, you will receive an individual message, and sometimes your message will be found connected to another sign.

We are waterlogged.
We are currently finishing up an excellent winter here in KC, so we are flowing out of Pisces (an adaptable water sign) into Aries. Spring begins March 20 at 12:15a CDT.

Water Element

We need your soothing and healing ways. Without Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, love would not be in our atmosphere, bringing us together to make life better for all. The children, underdogs and wounded would have no advocates if it weren't for your ability to notice what and who tends to go unnoticed. It is indeed the sentiment that matters. Water signs speak a nonverbal language that everyone can easily ignore but is felt (often behind the scenes).

Pisces, February 19-March 19, adapting feeling

Due to the current Mercury retrograde (until April 4), I am prone to rereading a book I have already read. This little planet of communication and perception does its re-evaluating tailspin three times a year for three weeks (thrice, Hermes or "third time's the charm" has its origins in this astronomical phenomenon). Any activity that you can place the prefix "re" before is suggested during these time periods, hence, my rereading a book.

As part of the "We are waterlogged" reference, let me refer to last week's column because I reread it. Forgive me, if you felt I was a little harsh to the fishes. It's mainly because you can have an elusive narcissism that, like fish, is difficult to catch. During a Mercury retrograde (and this one has the hallmark of either building your self-worth or tearing it down), you are called to re-evaluate your relationships. It is beyond time to shore up your actual effect on others. Bullying or playing the victim simply will not be tolerated. You are the author of your own reality. Even when you feel that you cannot change the outer world, you can reframe and alter your inner reaction to it. (That goes for each of the water signs, not just you, Pisces.)

Mercury will spend March 23-April 16 in the sign of Pisces, giving the not so affectionately called "garbage pail of the zodiac" a new lease that is now in desperate need of release. Yep, yep, it is also beyond time and space to let go and truly transform the way you've allowed worry to undermine your sense of faith. Faith, that intuitive way of knowing exactly which realities you want to behold and then manifest onto the physical place. Continue reading your other two water-sign siblings' messages ...

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