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Libra, September 23-October 22, initiating intellectual

The sign of the peacemaker and mediator envisions a life of getting over differences. So as I inform all of my heterosexual allies and friends, do not ask others if they are for same-sex marriage, because it's easier to give a negative answer to that. Instead, ask those close-minded others if they are for marriage equality. It is difficult to be against equality. With your ruling planet Venus moving into her other home sign of Taurus next week, you are feeling stronger regarding your principles and your advocacy of them. So get out there and form new alliances. Do not sit back and wait to see who comes to you. Cease fearing rejection. Your life is not like middle school when you waited for someone else to get on the dance floor first. Set the trend you want to see in the world. That means challenging the status quo and empty traditions.

Aquarius, January 20-February 18, concentrating intellectual

Rabble-rouser and iconoclast, that's you. Unless a cult has brainwashed you, there is very little authority you won't challenge. You play the role of conscience. It begins within your family, taking on the role of sociological arbiter. You were the first one on your block to befriend the "other." Your gifts include an ability to see beyond the physical trappings that keep us mired in fearful groups or clans. You will discuss many of the hot-button issues within popular culture. How many times do you have to be threatened with being cast out from the congregational hearth? These misguided sentiments only increase your resolve for getting to truth, no matter how disconcerting to those closest to you. After March 5, loving Venus gives you a green light to slow down and enjoy your private life, falling in love with being at home. Simple pleasures win the day.

*The Rising Sign a.k.a. Ascendant represents your approach to life and the mask you wear. Read that sign as well to get additional information on what’s in store this week.

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