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Fire Element
This week's Pop Culture Energetic Representative: President Barack Obama (Leo)

Aries, March 20-April 19, initiating spiritual

Your best self happens when you are fully aware of yourself in each moment. It is your infectious enthusiasm and vibe that get us interested in what interests you. Use this weekend to reassess your body and soul connection, particularly as it relates to your work and healing. Did you know that more Japanese men have heart attacks on Monday mornings? Enjoy your co-workers? If not, your health is more likely to suffer. I know that no matter how much yoga I practice, the atmosphere at my office can take its toll. Knowledge means little without realistic application, so it may turn into wisdom. Be wise, strategize. Do not simply react. And definitely do not react out of anger or pain like some wounded animal. Use your head, reflect. Your time to maturely respond to hard-to-manage co-workers is coming (around mid-April).

Leo, July 23-August 22, concentrating spiritual

Yes, it would seem that your Pop Culture Energetic Representative (Mr. President) has talked with Stella and gotten his groove back. I tell anyone who's willing to listen with an open mind and heart that you were born to learn courage, particularly in interpersonal relationships. Sure, in business you can be all business, in love ... not so much. Re-evaluate what and who are really of value to you. How do you spend your energy and money on those closest to you? Freely, or do you count the cost? Take a page out of our president's book. Call out those who have been misrepresenting you. After all, you may be sleeping with the enemy or working with one. If you check your more self-interested motives at the door, you can trust events will work out in your favor.

Sagittarius, November 22-December 21, adapting fall

It is all about how you manage what you own. Squander your resources at your peril. Sounds dramatic, I know. But at times, the drama knob has to be at full blast for you to hear how much you've given in direct proportion to how insecure you are about whether you are loved enough. It won't ever be enough love if you keep monitoring what is given back to you. Relax, breathe. Hell, freaking exhale around those who ask for nothing but are willing to receive what you give from a free and open spirit. After all, that's what attracted us in the first place. Next week rocks ... in a good way!

Earth Element
This week's Pop Culture Energetic Representatives: Rick Santorum (Taurus) & Ron Paul (Virgo)

Taurus, April 20-May 20, concentrating earth (physical)

The Earth Element Republican candidates are Taurus Rick Santorum and Virgo Ron Paul. Remember, I am discussing energy and how it affects their theatrical projections. Taurus' sexuality is connected to the hormonal aspect of reproduction (goes a long way to explaining Santorum's obsession with birth control and sex). Let's face it, there are some Taurus men who'd like nothing more than to keep women barefoot and pregnant. My mother (Taurus) used to say about my father (Taurus): If he could reproduce the children, he would (and that he was most kind while she was pregnant). More to the point, I'd like to see Mr. Santorum's Constitutional Law grades. Sounds like someone who didn't distinguish himself in this arena. He's trying to conflate freedom from religion with freedom to practice your religion. Rigidity, thy name is Taurus. To be fair, each of the earth signs can be narrow-minded. It depends on the vision they see from the preceding fire sign. It is important for the next several days that you don't hold too stubborn of a position in your closest relationships, that you aren't unwilling to hear the other side. There are secret forces at work, conversations going on behind the scenes. In essence, you do not need to know everything. Instead of imagining the worse, imagine that a surprise is being planned, OK? Taurus George Clooney is another PCER (Pop Culture Energetic Representative) when he corrected Fox News at the Oscars to call Mr. Obama "President," not just Obama without any sign of respect for the office he holds.


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