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Happy New Year, and with a different way to read this column: This week, I rank 2012 from the sign that has the most challenges to the one that has the least. Check for your DOD (Degree of Difficulty), from 1 to 10. The lower the number, the less challenging 2012 will be. Please note that we are all transforming, and how we respond to that which is out of our control remains to be seen.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising* (Dec 21-Jan 19): Like the Republicans looking for the 'anti-Romney,' it is no surprise that you have the most struggle to life's mountaintop. Soul searching and potential developing Pluto is in your sign. Although demoted to dwarf status for the last six years, powerful things come in small packages. He has been in your sign since 2008, wreaking havoc with your ego and its need to control everything. This year, 2012, is no different. You have major soul work rebuilding going on. Like St. Peter, your world needs to be built on a solid foundation. (I suppose I'm being more biblical 'cause the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012 ... end-of-days talk, scheeh. Personally, I think not. They simply stopped counting.) You have to get to the mountaintop while traveling down into your own psychological underworld, aka your subconscious. Huh? Ask yourself this: Why do you want to be in control? It's the motivation behind your use of power that matters. Until early October, Saturn will be clocking your basic common sense and integrity. Go off path, and Mr. Necessity will bring you to your knees in front of everyone. However, stay focused on where you'd like to evolve for yourself and the larger picture, then success will be yours beyond what you can barely imagine. Degree of Difficulty (DOD): 9.1

Libra/Libra Rising* (Sep 23-Oct 22): After Capricorn (who can thrive on struggle), you place a close runner-up to Most Challenging Sign (MCS). Unlike the earthy goat, you are more idealistic, given to dreams of peace and world unity. You like more ease and luxury. Your sign is more likely to eat dessert first, salad later (play, then work, too). Until October 5, 2012, Saturn is making you grow up, and Pluto moves you to look inside to assess where your family has conditioned you in ways that interfere with your realizing your real potential. Sure, there may be some deep and chronic emotional wounds, but you have an additional resource base you've scarcely begun to tap. It is your innate belief in the goodness of human nature (and that includes a healthy self-love and acceptance). Through these traits, you can secure our support in your higher vision of what we can truly be to each. May and June will have you re-evaluating all your connections, no overreacting to the small stuff or perceived flaws. Degree of Difficulty (DOD): 9.0

Cancer/Cancer Rising* (Jun 21-July 21): It's been said that it's not what you say, but it's how you say it. Perception of how things are being said to you reigns in as a supreme need of yours. The deeper need to understand those closest to you has rarely been so important. Mars (self-assertion or aggression) spends the first six months in Virgo, making it very necessary to add compassion to your communication style. Lay off any zealous demands that we follow only your moral dictates; it's unattractive. Snapping at close relatives, neighbors or those you see as you run your daily errands won't endear you to anyone. In fact, you could find yourself at the receiving end of another's animosity that doesn't arrive directly (passive-aggressive urges, anyone?). Use the lessons of maturity that you've been getting since Atlas-emulating Saturn has camped out in your fourth house of home, privacy and emotional needs. Atlas held up the world; maybe it's time to shrug off some untenable responsibilities. If you do not feel you are in an equally yoked relationship, transform it into one or end it, aka shrugging. This fall brings an increased focus on bringing confident self-expression out into the open to make life more joyous. Degree of Difficulty (DOD): 9.0

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