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Booty rules. Read Taurus for original definition.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising* (Nov 22-Dec 19): This is truly your time of year - birthdays and parties, you love to celebrate life. Adventures, letting down of guards and traveling to see those you love make up your priorities. Your trick is to resist assuming that the good times and your power last forever. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. For those of your pre-Saturn return (under 30), you learn humility the hard way, big risks not paying off. Let's presume that age brings wisdom. And, like age, knowledge grows in its precise application for everyone's benefit, hence it becomes wisdom. An excellent adventure, at present, would be to determine which role you are playing in your closest relationships versus which role you've been assigned. Playing a role in which you are not suited (too many rules and/or anything that suppresses your free spirit) would be the height of folly. Let down your guard only when there's a mutual benefit, and then there is less likely to be humiliation (which is usually someone else's idea of humility for you).

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising* (Dec 21-Jan 19): The misuse of personal power is an aspect of living with which you are familiar. Like your preceding sign of Sagittarius, your life can hover on the cliff of depression, falling off at the slightest hint that you are not measuring up to our expectations. Take a page from Sag's book and develop your free spirit that is protected by your chosen higher power. Ancestors, angels, sprites and spirits conspire to keep you fulfilling your life's missions. It is extremely easy for you to believe that the physical world is all there is, giving cursory attention to traditional spiritual fancies. Huh? You can misuse your power through not recognizing it or projecting unto authorities figures in this world, the next or the invisible. That's why it's important to move beyond what you consider or have been told are "mistakes." Use your inner spiritual vision to imagine the find of support you need, that you'll heed, and then proceed confidently. The more you accept your strength, the less likely you'll misuse it because there will be no need to overcompensate or impress anyone.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising*(Jan 20-Feb 19): Your ruler, Uranus, has begun to move again in the compatible initiating fire (spiritual) sign of Aries. Like a newborn babe, you thrive on returning to an innocence of motivation (and Aries can teach you how to stay in the moment free from those pesky worst-case scenarios that flash in your consciousness). When your mind lands in a quagmire, you can use this Aries energy to simply go on a journey where you travel with those who refuse to fight from petty motivations of pride or resentment. Instead, become guileless and as accepting as an infant; then you may exhibit your feelings without censor or thought. When you concentrate on the future and the role you've chosen to play in it, you can easily be led to see how you can inspire us to make transformations for our common good and humanity. Yours is not a personal sign; it is a communal one. Acceptance of your role with others (and the planet) allows you to relax your innate cynicism.

Pisces/Pisces Rising (Feb 18-Mar 20): You feel as if you are almost there. And you are. There is knowing why you live your life as you live it. First, determine why you give to others before giving. Why trumps what and to whom. Second, realize consciously how you've been sold a bill of defective religious and spiritual goods. Third, wash away your perceived sins and transgressions. The more you accept that the judge, jury and executioner exist within your soul, the more likely you will give because it is within your impulse to do so, not your duty or obligation. Also, you start to tolerate (and even accept) your darker feelings and thoughts. Realize that your soul's source is fed through water. Compassion is like rain that replenishes our rivers, our water (soul) supply. As long as you seek and see your fellow living beings in a compassionate light, there is no need to fear what your soul brings to you. With no fear, you know and feel that you have arrived. Continued in Aries ...

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