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Libra/Libra Rising* (Sep 23-Oct 22): As much as you talk, you know how to even your scales and keep the best secrets. Until the person goes beyond the pail, then you will spill guts to any and all Geminis and Sagittarians (the best gossips of the zodiac). I've heard the best revenge is a successful life (and also looking good when you run into your ex, unexpectedly). New Moon falls in your sign on Tuesday, September 27, at 6:09a CDT. Meaning? Time to distribute your brand of knowledge, your perfectly equivocal perspective. You've got a number of captive audiences. Your particular gift (and it's accentuated now) is being able to make each individual feel as if he or she is the most unique creation (ala snowflakes). The more responsible you deliver your attractive mojo, the more karmic assets will be value added to your soul. And, please don't act like you don't understand karma, value-added or soul. You're an air sign of the first social order: Think. Your. Secrets. Safe. With. Me. Take note: I'm writing to you L.T.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising* (Oct 23-Nov 21): If only other dimensions wouldn't bleed through into this one. If only Allah would tie up that camel for me. If only I knew what Jesus would do when I travel the southern United States. If only I were a rich man ... What, if only, ever. You have to want to. Evolve. Your gift is knowing where others are blocked. Not. Evolving. And you do realize how you can handle difficult folks once you suss out their true bottom-line motivation(s). Sometimes those energetic rays of active intelligence shine bleakly. Meaning? Knowing when you don't need to know a reason or motivation. Take a page out of completely compatible Pisces' playbook: Have faith. Sleep on Hebrews Chapter 11, Verse 1 (New World Translation), which reads, "faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities not yet beheld." If only Krishna and Radha heard my invocative entreaties ...

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising* (Nov 22-Dec 19): Like I discussed with Scorpio last week, you must learn to trust and forgive. Your seemingly Pollyanna ass won't say how disappointed you are in certain family members, but you are. It is called "managing expectations." Expectations immediately take you out of the present moment. Your exceptional voodoo resides in the now. Rarely have you looked so beautiful to strangers you want to impress than you do now. Please don't behave trashily, and overtly flirt or gawk with your date or someone who likes you. Yes, you. Can. Be. Crude. Meaning? It is all about the ditty of a song "Solid" (for more info, read Scorpio's message from last week). No running away. Making your loves like your favorite touchstone. What have you got? There's a marked difference in being critical and particular. For example, you can like getting your thighs taken care of. But if a lover spends lots of time on the small of your back or neck, that's OK, too. However, if you say to said lover, I'd rather you tend to my thighs after you've had a good ol' time lover tending to other areas, you're critical. No karmic brownie points for you! Live with your particular personal truths. Let that critical voice go to hell!

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising* (Dec 21-Jan 19): You're having a sit-down with yourself. You've got the wife and girlfriend, depending how you roll. Or you have the budding bromance brimming over into your saintly family time. Whatever. Meaning? You have been focused too much on the nonessential. Materialistic. Whore. Man-whore. You've been bought, haven't you? Although the 13th Amendment freed the slaves, you have sold your soul to the highest bidder, huh? Take a little time to give due process to your soul. Ask a few pertinent questions. Do you know who is all you need to get by? Do you only want to "get by"? Do you know how to throw away your pride, particularly in public appearances? Once you know tasks chime in as Sisyphean (cursed to roll a ball up the hill only for it to roll back down again, mythologically speaking). The closer your birthday is to December 27, the more powerful your descent into learning what's truly important in your life. Laughter/joy/gratitude win everything. So, metaphorically gun down the mean Godfather role you've been playing. No score keeping on what's given to whom.

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