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Full Moon in Aquarius on Saturday, August 13, at 1:59 p.m. CDT. Let the mythology begin.

Leo/Leo Rising* (July 22-Aug 22): Your myth maker would be the relationship between Apollo and Cassandra. A solar god of logic, music and prophecy had his issues. Known for his connection to the oracle at Delphi, his prophetess, Cassandra was to said to spurn his advances. In retaliation, he gave a corresponding curse that no one would believe her visions (hello, Troy's destruction, Cassandra foretold and wasn't believed.) With loving Venus all around you, just stay open hearted without any sense of expectation. In this manner, you won't have to behave negatively like Apollo and get all vengeful (more in Scorpio's message). When secure, you rarely overcompensate, and then you can channel your guardian's myth, sense trends, then, benefit through taking advantage. It's like you have a new invention and a patent attorney on speed dial. As long as you allow your highest aspirations to guide you, you can trust this influx of information. Talk about being able to create situations where everybody wins ...

Virgo/Virgo Rising* (Aug 22-Sept 22): Your sign, most associated with the harvest, has some (pun intended) fertile goddesses. Namely one Demeter/Ceres, goddess of cereal who went on strike when Pluto snatched her daughter, Persephone, to his underworldly lair. Persephone, at your birth time, prepares to leave and go into the darkness. Separating what's valuable with what isn't (wheat from the chaff) explains much about how you do this in your interpersonal relationships. Expecting loss, you can chime in too quickly with what's wrong with us, instead of what's right. Along with Mercury being in a backward stance, you can sense unfinished business in your current endeavors. It behooves you to take care of this business behind the scenes, outside of prying eyes. Realize, though, with Ceres as a model, know when to let go, do not allow grief to overtake you. Move on from your wounds, especially those no one sees.

Libra/Libra Rising* (Sep 23-Oct 22): The ancient Babylonians had only 11 signs. It was the Egyptians through their goddess of justice, Maat, that your famous scales had purpose. Being the only sign in the circle of animals a.k.a. the zodiac represented by a mechanical instrument can make you dry as you weigh and balance each and every thing. However, the scales to an Egyptian past meant your soul at death was placed next to a feather. If it tipped slightly, Maat ordained that you'd have to return to Earth for another life. Bollocks! What ultimately weighs you down today is probably not your soul, but your chosen relationships. Are they of sturdy enough quality? Is their proper give and take? You know how you can go on and on about fairness and justice. For the next several weeks wrap your mind around your own individual sense of purpose for the planet, a like minded community or volunteer work. Pay some karma forward. Have it land in your personal metaphysical account. It will come in handy this winter, when you need it.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising* (Oct 23-Nov 21): Usually, Leos populate your life. Well, their concentrated fire can match up nicely (yeah, right) with your concentrated water. As long as there is a healthy respect between the two of you, no problem. Learning to trust the element that has the capacity to dry you up can be more than a notion. These sunny folk can help you be, well, more sunny, and expectant of good. This potential rivalry goes way back to Apollo and his Delphi oracle (more in Leo's message). The sun god was not the first resident. The Python, a serpentine, feminine deity associated with Gaia, Mother Earth lived there before him. To claim this area, he had to slay her. Through the combination of the masculine (fire) and feminine (water) the oracular energies could emerge more powerfully. Those darker energies of revenge, excessive vanity and jealousies tend toward an internal or feminine bias. Today, it is necessary for you to balance your need to dominate (male/yang) to submissiveness (female/yin). In our solar and patriarchal culture, to submit is a bad word. Although in S&M sex play, it is the submissive (bottom) who uses the safe word (so, where is the power?) Which personal pet philosophy must be surrendered at present?

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising* (Nov 22-Dec 19): From our perch on Earth, the center of the Milky Way lies in the last degrees of your sign. So, your eyes point towards the divine and heavenly, as your feet want to stay on the ground. The famous centaur, Chiron, gallops in as your mythological protector. Half-human, half-horse, who later died and received his place in the heavens in your constellation. He chose to die so Prometheus could return to serve humanity. These are key element to the time of year where light is lessening to the winter solstice. These long nights make storytelling so much fun. Our collective humanity holds ginormous sway through your spirit. Heal those early childhood wounds that make you wary of exceptional spiritual flight. Break your shackle to dogma of any kind. Be intolerant of intolerance in any form. Fight and symbolize a struggle for simple and natural truths.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising* (Dec 21-Jan 19): Each season's start symbolizes a different area of our development. Yours may be the most significant. The Christians attached one of their major holidays (Christmas) to the return of the light (winter solstice). The journey of individual consciousness has just had the point of greatest contact with universal consciousness. Hopefully, collective wisdom has been assimilated and it takes the form of a transformed being, our higher self. The self becomes the Self. Many gods who represent the higher self (Christ included) celebrate their birthdays at this time. Not to make you paranoid, but someone usually watching you. It is your Self. This Self witnesses your actions, thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, I call this Self, your soul, your personal history keeper. You are going to have some challenges to your petty, small self until the end of the summer. As a good book says, "a mild answer turns away rage."

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising*(Jan 20-Feb 19): The Egyptians studied the nighttime rising of signs. So in the time of Leo, Aquarius rises at sunset. The Nile flooded during July/August, at the full Moon in Aquarius (8/13 @ 159p for 2011). This flooding was associated with Osiris fertilizing Isis, the Earth. One of the holiest shrines venerated as the symbolic start of the Nile is the Temple of Elephantine. Osiris' myth includes dismemberment and resurrection. A sacred relic of his lower leg is kept at this temple. Hapi, the god of the Nile, is depicted in a bas-relief pouring two vases filled with the waters of life nearby. The lower leg is one of your associated body parts (each sign has several). And you are the water bearer disseminating your wisdom for our thirsting populace. Already blunt with very little mental filter and respect for social conventions, you have found since March 11 (Uranus went into oh, so direct Aries), you are even more 'out there' in speech and thought. No worries, you may lose a couple of friends, siblings or good mates for a moment. Keep premeditation of what you could say to a minimum. We are more likely to forgive your verbally flooding ways when they are spontaneous and helpful, not calculated and heartless. Pour your emotional observations judiciously, Hapi.

Pisces/Pisces Rising (Feb 18-Mar 20): Oh, last sign of the zodiac also known pejoratively as "the garbage pail of the zodiac," you were one of the earliest signs on record. Your connection to the ocean could be the reason. Jupiter, before Neptune's discovery in 1846, was your ruler. Jupiter/Zeus consistently changed form to mate with mortals. This speaks to your chameleonlike ways. Neptune/Poseidon was an angry and vengeful god, sometimes. Carl Jung associated the ocean with the group mind (mainstream?) or collective unconscious. So, you can be dreamy and otherworldly (20,000 leagues under) or violent (no one knows what's at the bottom of the sea, a middle passage allusion). As the only adaptable water (feeling) sign, it behooves you to match the feeling with the situation and your clear focus upon what's out of sync within said situation. Sure, you'll exaggerate and give into fear, but let your initial vision be your guide, to add value and dimension to a sometimes dry and cynical world.

Aries/Aries Rising* (Mar 21-Apr 19): Sometimes it is the holiday (holy day, many ancient astrologers were priests or shamans) within the sign that points to your mythology. Easter, which honors the resurrection of the soul after death and the corresponding triumph of the spirit over the physical body, inspires your natives. You are born out of the often murky waters of Pisces. Strongly bent on being your own person and usually attracting one overbearing parent with which to spar, you have another protector in Athena from times past. As patroness of the art of weaving (Aries = ram = wool) and being born from her father's head fully grown, your head (and its contents within) are extremely important. In your younger soul days, you can easily be a lookist, concerned with appearances only. As you age (which you will resist vigorously), you become drawn more to what's behind the pretty or handsome face, as it were. At an energetic low place these days, so concern yourself with eating, drinking and being merry, you can fight another day (but philosophical debate is encouraged, for sure).

Taurus/Taurus Rising* (Apr 20-May 21): The star Aldebaran in the middle of your sign was called "the bull's eye", and it was instrumental in fixing the starting point of the zodiacal circle. So, some historians surmise that astrology began when the vernal equinox was in Taurus (4000 to 2000 B.C.). The Taurean Age has been characterized as matriarchal with the worship of the bull (although the Cancerian age would have around 8000 B.C. seems to fit better). The bull's horns were analogous to the waxing crescent moon (the one right after sunset), and represented the principle of growth and evolution. Who knew you were so profound? I did. When sated, you have incredible powers of deduction, and a willingness to stand up for what you've discovered in any circle of influence. With the Sun (consciousness) and Venus (love) in Leo, you have reserves of emotional power you've yet to show to the light of day. Better watch out, you could harm somebody! Your focus could easily turn to obsession, so seduce slowly. Acknowledge your exceptional magnetic powers (a.k.a. when you feel it, you attract it), and the bull's eye won't turn into some targeting you in ways you do not desire.

Gemini/Gemini Rising* (May 21-Jun 20): The sign of the Twins (and by instant association, siblings), oh, how you've suffered. Castor (mortal) and Pollex (immortal) were inseparable, good at the games (Olympian). The mortal one was killed in a battle with another set of semi-divine twins. They shared their time between heavens (in your constellation) and the underworld (when you cannot see Gemini). Your duality is well documented, and you have been making up for excessive passions exhibited over the past couple of months. Maybe it's time for one part of your personality to disappear or be toned down. Or, in another manner, allow your right hand to know what your left hand is doing. Cease the temptation to compartmentalize too many aspects of your life. After all, there were two female twins (Helen and Clytemnaestra), so your mythology has much to do about the integration of the masculine and feminine through speech and thought. Wasn't it said to stay silent instead of speaking lest be thought of as stupid (or something like that)? Create the mental (and rainbow?) bridge over troubled waters.

Cancer/Cancer Rising* (Jun 21-July 21): Mama, be she Mia or Dearest, she looms large in all our psyches. I say, each mother gets at least a 9 month start in the imprinting process. Daddy may be the ultimate mysterious nut to crack, but how we can cling to her. To the Greeks, your sign was initially represented by a turtle or tortoise. Like crabs, tortoises have hard shells and soft interiors. They both crawl at their own pace and the withdraw into their shells when frightened. The Divine Feminine had a male consort. The hero consort merges with the fairytale princess, the magical bride, the sorceress. The conscious ego (yang/masculine) has to surrender to the unconsciousness (yin/feminine). Reunited, and it feels so good, as it were. With 'fire in the belly' Mars moving through your sign, you will obtain more of life's goodies through a well timed surrender. I say well timed because it does not have to be a direct line from point A to point B. Meander, do your sideways shuffle. Trust your reflected upon gut instincts. Instincts without reflection can keep you in the vicious circle of karmic formation and being involved with those of a trashy demeanor ala bad reality TV.

Thanks to Ariel Guttman and Kenneth Johnson, authors of Mythic Astrology: Archetypal Powers in the Horoscope, for the inspiration behind this week's column.

*The Rising Sign a.k.a. Ascendant represents your approach to life and the mask you wear. Read that sign as well to get additional information on what’s in store this week.

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