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Old Crow Medicine Show

Monday, August 22, at the Bottleneck.


Legend has it that mountain-music revivalist band Old Crow Medicine Show was discovered by Doc Watson while playing in front of a pharmacy in North Carolina. Now, back when the music OCMS plays was considered popular, pharmacies used to sell narcotics like opium and cocaine over the counter. Moreover, considering that the first song on the band's self-titled debut, "Tell It to Me," is a porch-stomping, holler-blues ditty about the seductive and destructive power of angel dust, well, what else can we conclude except that Watson is also a mad scientist who traveled back in time in search of cheap, legal coke and ended up bringing Old Crow Medicine Show back with him? Granted, Old Crow may dress somewhat modern, but this string-plucking outfit makes Split Lip Rayfield sound like the Kronos Quartet. Old Crow's fiddle, guitar, double bass, double banjo and double nasal bluegrass wailin' ought to make the group instantly welcome here in the Midwest. Just don't start asking the members about fantasy football or iPods or any of that new-fangled nonsense. Chances are, they'll look at you funny and go back to polishing that 1929 Gibson G-B1 guitjo of theirs.

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