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If your AM radio is on the fritz, catch up on all your sports talk here!

"Part of having a parade permit for a race is that you have to notify every address along the route in writing of your event ten days prior to the race. Plus, put a map of the route in a public publication."
-- Karen Raymer, on the red tape that must be cut to stage the Rib Run.
GH: After speaking to Raymer I came away convinced that putting on a marathon in this town is harder than running one.
"A 67-year-old woman told me, 'This sucks.' I wasn't expecting that from a 67-year-old woman."
-- Soren Petro, on the elimination of GA seats at Kauffman Stadium, KMBZ 980
"The drunk tank is gone. Where do you go now when you're looking for the drunks at Kauffman Stadium? Well, you know what? The times they are a-changin'. So what, we've lost our bar at Kauffman Stadium? It's no coincidence that all the goofs who came flying out of the stands and onto the field to break their legs came out of the GA section. You're listening to the home of the Kansas City Royals."
-- Petro, 980
"I don't think they raised ticket prices enough. I hope ticket prices go up again next year and the year after that. It's time to quit worrying about fans being miffed over tickets going up a dollar or two."
-- Petro, 980
GH: The Royals could change their team colors to green and pink, trade Mike Sweeney to the Yankees for Joe Torre's dog and charge $20 for parking, and Petro would still scream and yell about how great these moves were for the franchise and its fans. KMBZ should change its call letters to WESOLDOUT.
"I've got my own problems, so it's hard for me to be frustrated."
-- Joe Randa, when asked his thoughts about the ticket price increases, WHB 810
GH: Don't you just love these guys?
"It should bring us about $1.8 million. It might get us a good journeyman left-hander in the bullpen to help us out next year."
-- Dan Glass, 980
GH: What neither the younger Glass nor the entire franchise understands is what ticket pricing will cost them in public relations. By sending their most raucous and entertaining fans to the upper wings of Kauffman Stadium, they have truly created the appropriate environment for the Royals -- a morgue.

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