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If your AM radio is on the fritz, catch up on all your sports talk here!

"I've said this before. I'd like to see Megan get in this [swimsuit] competition because I think she could lick the competition. I'd be right behind her the whole way."
-- Steven St. John, urging his female cohost to enter a local "fitness" swimsuit contest, WHB 810
GH: Since her first appearance on Jason Whitlock's morning radio show in March, Megan has attempted to portray herself as a journalist. Those attempts have been shattered over the past few months as St. John and Whitlock have belittled her with sexually charged insults that she has not found humorous. But what did she expect from a boss such as J.W., who farts in her face?
"This has nothing to do with disrespecting her as a journalist."
-- Jason Whitlock, on his desire for Megan to enter the swimsuit contest, 810
GH: If talk radio continues to treat itself with such little respect, it should expect none from its audience. How would female journalists at The Star react to Whitlock's embarrassing them in his column in this manner?
"Do you like Dick?"
-- Bill Maas, to CBS' Bonnie Bernstein, 810
"Is there a lot of animosity between the ugly ones and the pretty ones?"
-- Tim Grunhard, asking questions about the professional women's tennis circuit, 810
"If every show was hosted by a white man who lives in Johnson County nobody would ever have any fun."
-- Steven St. John, after a caller criticized WHB's treatment of women, 810
"The Ravens, even with people looking to unseat them, may be better this season than last simply because they'll no longer be half a football team. The loss of [Jamal] Lewis doesn't nullify the arrival of Elvis Grbac. Having Grbac replace Trent Dilfer is like getting Samuel L. Jackson to replace Jamie Foxx. It's an upgrade that can't be exaggerated."
-- Michael Wilbon, columnist, Washington Post
GH: Get back to me in December, Michael, after Grbac-up-and-fall-down starts looking like Michael Jackson.
"The thing I've learned most from you is how to be a professional."
-- Kurtis Seaboldt, "Fortune & Rose" producer, to Don Fortune on Fortune's final show, KMBZ 980
GH: If this was such a classy final show for Fortune, why was Jim Rose, his cohost for the previous twelve months, never heard from or mentioned? You gotta love radio; it thinks we're all deaf, blind and dumb.

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