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If your AM radio is on the fritz, catch up on all your sports talk here!

"I know and they know what I'll be doing [for Metro Sports], but with respect to my noncompete with Channel 9, I'd rather not talk about it at this time. The general managers at both stations are dealing with the noncompete issues. We know the 'what' but we don't know the 'when.'"
-- Dave Stewart, who could be forced to sit out the Chiefs' season if KMBC Channel 9 holds him to his noncompete clause
"Ten years from now it won't make any difference whether [Stewart] starts working for us next month or next year."
-- John Denison, on the particulars concerning Stewart's noncompete agreement with Channel 9
GH: Best-guess estimates have Stewart showing up on-air at Metro Sports in January of 2002.
"I may be the highest-paid sportswriter in town. I can do everything except be on the air."
-- Stewart, when asked what his duties might be for Metro Sports while waiting out his noncompete clause
"I've been shocked at the positive response from the public and my coworkers. Tough guy Micheal Mahoney walked back to my desk and just stared at me for ten seconds before saying, 'It's our loss.' Then he just walked away. That's about as emotional as he gets."
-- Stewart
"I haven't slept for months. I talked to people I respect in the business, like Mike Bush [sports director at St. Louis' KSDK Channel 5], and said, 'Here's the deal; here's the money.' Bush said, 'It's a no-brainer. Take the deal. Why would you not?' I haven't had anybody yet tell me I'm out of my mind."
-- Stewart
"I don't know which way [Channel 9] is going to go [as far as a replacement]. I don't know if they'll hire a weekend guy or hire someone and groom them as Lenny's replacement. It's not my worry."
-- Stewart
"You know, this is a funny business and strange things happen. But I'm not going [to Metro Sports] with any intention other than making Metro Sports my new career."
-- Stewart, when asked whether he'd be interested in returning to Channel 9 once Len Dawson retires

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