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Off the Couch

Radio waves fill with paper insults.

"I could [manage The Star]. How hard is that? They haven't changed anything down there in 75 years, right? It's the same medium it's always been. You put some ink on the paper, you put the paper on the truck, you throw it in their driveway and you tell everybody what happened yesterday."
-- Kevin Kietzman, WHB 810
"What a great way to make additional revenue in [The Star]. Add a section of high-end advertisers and just put something together that lists golf courses and charge them a bunch of money to advertise."
-- Kietzman, on The Star's special golf section in the Sunday paper, 810
GH: 810 and The Star were close to striking a business deal, but that appears to be dead. KK is taking verbal shots at the paper since it passed on the station's offer. As for selling fluff to advertisers and passing it off as journalism to the customer, who's better at that game than Kietzman and his infomercial-packed show?
"[The newspaper] business is a simple business. It can't evolve. There's nothing more you can do with it. It's a paper. It is what it is."
-- Kietzman, 810
GH: With satellite radio soon to be inside every vehicle, how long before that $8 million radio signal Kietzman's ownership group purchased eighteen months ago turns into an eight-track?
"A quarterback is available for the Chiefs. We'll tell you all about that at 3 o'clock."
-- Jim Rose, teasing the morning-drive audience with day-old info, KMBZ 980
GH: When are the media going to learn that it's no longer 1954? The customer is not going to wait for you to give him information. He simply will go elsewhere to get it.
"The reason I don't use my last name is because I don't want stalkers."
-- Magnificent Megan, cohost of Jason Whitlock's Neighborhood, 810
GH: We don't need to know your last name; we want to know why somebody who hosts a KC sports talk show and can't identify the owner of the Royals or the Chiefs calls herself "magnificent."
"I had plenty of coaches do that to me in high school."
-- Don Fortune, on Bob Knight's choking a player, KMBZ 980
GH: You just know Fortune was a hell-raiser on that crew team at Buffalo, New York's Canisius High School -- all 93 pounds of him.

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