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If your AM radio is on the fritz, catch up to sports talk here.

"I think he's going to go all the way to Minneapolis with us if we keep on winning."
-- Nick Collison, on "Stank'em," the Jayhawks' new monkey mascot, KCTV Channel 5
GH: Coach Roy needs to send Wanda shopping again to get a gorilla for Terry Allen and his Kansas football team.
"I guarantee you Bill Self does not want to see Kansas come Saturday night."
-- Greg Gurley, college basketball analyst, Metro Sports
GH: The renewed KU optimism has even hit the media. Self was rumored to covet Williams' job for years from his post in Tulsa. Instead of moving to Lawrence, he landed a talent-rich job at Illinois, where he has guided the Illini to their first Sweet 16 since 1989.
"I'm not sure why [Kareem Rush] wouldn't take a look at [the NBA]. I don't think there are many better than Kareem in college basketball."
-- Jon Sundvold, ESPN analyst, WHB 810
"Two officials of the Missouri athletic department told me they were worried that [Kareem] Rush might bail out for the NBA. Even some of his teammates were concerned."
-- Jack Harry, Channel 5
GH: Harry then played cuts from MU players who showed almost no concern over Rush's decision to stay or go, only support. Read on.

"He's ready [for the NBA], but that's his decision whether he wants to come back or not. He should give it a chance and give it a strong thought."
-- Johnny Parker, Missouri senior, Channel 5

"If he wants to do that, I'm with him. If he don't, hey, better for us."
-- Clarence Gilbert, MU's junior guard, Channel 5

"I'm pretty set on coming back next year. I think we've got a great team and program here, and I want to be a part of it.... I know my brother made an unwise decision, and I'll think about my decision more carefully. I think it would be beneficial for me to come back next year."
-- Kareem Rush, Channel 5
"Everybody has an opinion, but what bothers me is the people who won't take the time to do the studying necessary to form that opinion.... I don't really concern myself with the entire field. I don't really have a handle on the 64 teams."
-- Billy Packer
, CBS analyst, 810
"His [injured] knee scares me to death."
-- Tim Grunhard
, on Rams backup quarterback Trent Green, 810

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