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"Eric may be the most unappreciated player we've had here in a long time. I think we have to live with the fact that sometimes Eric does not go hang up on the rafter and dunk it with his toes. He does not give you that."
-- Roy Williams,
Lawrence Journal-World
GH: Coach Roy has babied Eric Chenowith for four years, and it hasn't done the big guy much good. Chenowith is a classic underachiever who needs his rear end aligned.

"The fans who are negative don't even have the right to be the wallpaper on the wall. I could give a [deleted] what they say. As far as I am concerned, they do not exist. They are not out there playing, setting the screens, blocking the shots, rebounding. They are not doing [deleted] to contribute to the team. They have no right to say anything. When it's all said and done, Kansas [fans] will not know how much they miss Eric until next year. They won't have his defensive presence in there. He does all the little intangible things like a T.J. [Pugh], a Scot Pollard did."
-- Bob Chenowith, Eric's father, Lawrence Journal-World
GH: It appears that Chenowith was coddled long before he got to Lawrence. If your kid is going to accept a full-ride scholarship to a basketball factory like Kansas, you better get used to the criticism. It comes right along with all the praise, perks and national TV appearances.

"[Titans head coach Jeff Fisher] thinks I've got an opportunity to [be a head coach again], and I can't wait. I think the toughest thing to do is wait."
-- Gunther Cunningham, WHB 810
GH: Cunningham has no one to blame for getting canned but the guy in the mirror. His teams were poorly prepared, he was an awful bench coach and he refused to be his own man. He allowed Carl Peterson to dictate how Cunningham ran the Chiefs, and in the end it cost Cunningham his job.

"What I needed was another year or so."
-- Cunningham, 810
GH: No, what you needed was to win one of your last two games in 1999 to win the division and make the playoffs. But you were punked by Jon Kitna in Seattle and blew a 17-point lead at home against the Raiders. Sorry, Gun, but you didn't deserve another chance.

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