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Off the Couch

The Royals strike out by trading Johnny Damon.

"My part of the deal was that I wanted to start something here (in Tampa Bay) and finish it here, but it looks like I'll have to go somewhere else, not happily, but it's part of the business.... I'm very frustrated and disappointed. My wife doesn't like it, my kids don't like it and I don't like it."
-- Roberto Hernandez, on being traded to Kansas City, St. Petersburg Times

"Kansas City was going to be our first choice when I became a free agent, but because of the circumstances now, I believe there are a lot of teams I'm going to be looking at and Kansas City might not be one of them.... I feel sympathy for the fans because all the players the Royals ever develop end up leaving, and that's a shame because the fans can't get to know the team."
-- Johnny Damon,

"Right now, there is little chance Kansas City can re-sign Mike Sweeney, Jermaine Dye and Joe Randa when they become free agents after the 2002 season."
-- Peter Gammons, baseball analyst,
(GH: If the Royals can't hang on to Sweeney and Dye, they'll lose more than just baseball games.)

"The unfortunate thing is that Johnny (Damon) pretty much forced the trade."
-- Al Fitzmorris, KMBZ 980
(GH: Bullshit. The guy who forced this trade was David Glass. Money talks; David Glass walks ... usually behind three or four teams in the AL Central.)

"If I sound subdued, it's just because I'm trying to sound mature because we just pulled off this big trade. I can tell you that we're ecstatic about this."
-- Billy Beane, Oakland A's general manager, on acquiring Damon,

"As great as this trade is, it still doesn't matter. It's still going to be the Mets, the Braves and the Yankees. And until this mess is straightened out, I'm not going to another game."
-- Caller, WHB 810

"Pitch Weekly put in this little caricature picture of me. I see this picture and I asked people at work, 'Is that supposed to be me?' It looks like one of the little cannibal head guys from Beetlejuice. Little pencil-neck, little peanut-head and I'm wearing my granddaddy's suit. It looks like Dana Carvey.... When Chili Davis played for the Royals, he always called me the Church Lady. That from a guy whose pregame routine was smoking a cigar while sitting on the potty."
-- Dave Stewart, KQRC 98.9

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