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Week of 2005

Thursday, September 1
Remember back in 1997, when nail polish and guys went together like Kate Moss and Johnny Depp? We miss those times. And not just because Pete Doherty is such a wretched offering for our favorite model's boyfriend du jour. It was fun to have at least one shared interest with the boys we were kissing in high school (we didn't play basketball and they didn't, um, read). Suddenly, that sounds like a good date again, and the Lodge (4626 Broadway, 816-561-6111) is making it cheap: We can get our nails cut, buffed and painted for a mere $5. Oh, yes. We'll see to it that Kansas City, as a brilliant co-worker says, puts the man back in manicure -- if it's the last thing we do.

Friday, September 2
One of the funnier episodes of the much-missed Freaks and Geeks centers around a trip to a laser Pink Floyd show -- except that due to market demand, it's now a country-western laser show. The freaks were not pleased. But if Nick and Daniel and the rest of the gang were, say, real characters and not fictional, we'd totally take them to First Fridays laser light shows at Union Station's Gottlieb Planetarium (30 West Pershing Road), presented in conjunction with classic-rock station KCFX 101.1 ("the Fox"). Shows start at 8 p.m. with a Beatles spectacular, but we're most excited for Pink Floyd: The Wall at 9. Admission is $5. Call 816-460-2020 for tickets.

If the thought of sitting around in the dark listening to The Wall sends chills down your spine, head over to Leedy-Voulkos Art Center at 7 p.m. (2012 Baltimore, 816-474-1919) for the opening of Peter Max Lawrence's Sacred Monsters. Lawrence uses oil paint on wood to render portraits of Pope John Paul II and Ku Klux Klan "science-villains." The latter sounds truly terrifying.

Saturday, September 3
We have a friend -- we'll call her Kate -- who was furious when Urban Outfitters came to Kansas City. Since Kate's, like, 5 feet tall, she can actually wear the same clothes as the teeny-boppers who've taken up residence in the two-story Plaza space. (We actually saw two kids making out on a sofa there the other day. As if it's a real couch, in a real living room, and not just a prefab display unit. So bizarre.) Kate refuses to buy the wares for fear of being mistaken for a truant high-schooler. We recommend that she enroll in one of the classes in the Olive Gallery's newly expanded upstairs academy (15 East Eighth Street in Lawrence, 785-331-4114). If she took Resist Hand Dyeing for Textiles, for example, she could learn shibori, tie-dye and dye-resist techniques -- and never worry about being caught in the same outfit as a 16-year-old again. The class starts today from noon to 2 p.m. A four-week stint runs $70; eight weeks cost $100.

Sunday, September 4
Cherries, in their natural form, are one of our favorite fruits. When they're in season, we buy Bing cherries by the box and manage to go through them in less than 24 hours. Alone. So how is it that something so innocent -- they're not juicy or drippy or all that sensual to eat -- can get so dirty? For example, we don't think the metal maestros in Warrant were really sharing our love of summer's bounty in their hit "Cherry Pie," when they sang about how it Tastes so good/Make a grown man cry. And we suppose we're not that surprised to discover that Blonde, the new Plaza hot spot at 100 Ward Parkway (816-931-2525) has named its service-industry specials night Cherry Sunday. Two-for-one drinks is a pretty sweet deal. Our own Night Ranger suggests the Dirty Blonde: Grey Goose vodka and olive juice garnished with a blue cheese-stuffed olive. Or you could stick with the theme, and order a Shirley Temple.

Monday, September 5
We work to make money, and we make money to spend money. So what's the best way to celebrate Labor Day? Go to the boats! The Star reported on August 11 that Ameristar set a revenue record for the month of July, raking in $23.1 million, but we're recommending the Isle of Capri (1800 East Front Street, 816-855-7777) because it reportedly has the loosest penny slots in town. We can prolong our wallet squandering for hours.

Tuesday, September 6
Sufjan Stevens' avowal to chronicle all 50 states in song is a little overly ambitious, if you ask us. First of all, if he continues at his current rate (one album every two years) and peters out when he's, say, 72, then we're still missing 27 states. Second, we can't imagine he can maintain the genius -- yes! We said it! Genius! -- of Michigan and Illinois for 48 more chapters. Finally, and most significantly, 10 to 12 songs about Delaware? Not happening. All the same, we think Stevens should accompany us to "America's Amazing Places," the latest installment in Johnson County Community College's Windows on the World series of travelogues. The film, which screens at 2 p.m. today at the Carlsen Center (12345 College Boulevard, 913-469-4445), could provide Stevens with inspiration for Colorado, Montana and North Carolina, among others. Except for Missouri -- we shall be the muses for that.

Wednesday, September 7
Starker's Reserve is celebrating its 33rd anniversary, and you're invited. The restaurant (201 West 47th Street, 816-753-3565) doesn't want gifts or cake, though. In fact, the real gift is for diners, who benefit from a special three-course meal for $33. Sensing a theme here? You could wear a three-piece suit to the intimate Plaza joint, pair it with some three-inch heels and sing the theme song to Three's Company -- if you were into that sort of thing. Those not so obsessed with the number three might be more interested to hear that the meal deal's good for the whole month of September. Call for reservations.

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