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Week of September 6, 2001


6 Thursday
Overseas, a 1991 French film set in Algeria in the 1940s, kicks off Rockhurst University's Cinema Series tonight at 7. This year's series focuses on foreign-language films, and Overseas chronicles three sisters' lives as the tension leading to the Algerian War builds around them. This quiet political satire is three movies in one, shifting the focus sequentially from one sister to the next. Meanwhile, what looks at the beginning like a simplistic impression of an idyllic colonial existence grows more complex as each sister's story adds a layer of intrigue. Overseas doesn't come with cinematic bells and whistles, however, so filmgoers who need experimental cinematography and editing to hold their interest might not make it through this one, as it is relatively straightforward. The screening takes place in Mabee Theater, Sedgwick Hall, 54th and Troost. Tickets cost $3. For more information, call 816-501-4895.

7 Friday
Tonight, one area bar offers a happy hour that guarantees no hangovers: the Excelsior Springs Hall of Waters Spa and Water Bar holds a Healthy Happy Hour, allowing visitors to sample waters from around the world. A lot of people think that water has no taste, or that all water tastes the same. That's a matter of opinion, but one thing we can say in favor of water is that it won't leave drinkers feeling dehydrated. "Our happy hour is a great way to have fun on Friday night without paying dearly for it Saturday morning!" exclaims spa director Vicky Bates. Unless, of course, the other happy-hour offerings -- a free spin on the "Chi Machine," for example -- leave you feeling kind of disoriented. This month's nonwater beverage is chai tea, which tends to be expensive elsewhere, so tonight's $5 admission for the whole package is an opportunity worth soy-milking for all it's worth. The Hall of Waters is at 201 East Broadway in Excelsior Springs. For more information, call 816-630-0753.

It's an all-around healthy night here in Kansas City. "Guru" Brian Clement is stopping by to discuss his raw-foods lifestyle, which -- among other things -- is said to "reverse aging." Raw foods, it seems, work like a stick-shift: They can make everything go backward. This is one approach to preventive health care that might deserve at least a quick listen, even if your birth certificate and driver's license won't note the changes when you feel ten years younger. Clement is speaking at Cornerstone Community Church, 7029 West 74th Street in Overland Park, from 7 to 9 p.m. For more information, call 913-677-3377.

8 Saturday
Today, Popeye's gonna be shivering his little timbers off. After all, the world's largest spinach salad may be the most excitement this sailor has had in a while. (Life's been pretty mundane since he found out there were extra-virgin olive oils on supermarket shelves.) He'll be in attendance at the Eighteenth Annual Spinach Festival. Aside from that big salad and something called the Spinach Café, it's unclear what most of the festival has to do with spinach, but we've got to hand it to festival coordinators: Combining yo-yos and spinach in one event deserves recognition for originality. The festival runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park at 87th and Lackman in Lenexa. For more information, call 913-541-8592.

9 Sunday
Sara the Tiger Whisperer recalls, "Both my parents made me believe, even as a little girl, that I could do anything I set my mind to." A seventh-generation circus performer, Sara has seen this belief come to fruition; she talks and hangs out with eight Bengal tigers who do what she tells them to do. She's in town with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey's Circus, and tonight's final performance -- starting at 5 at Kemper Arena, 1800 Genessee -- shows that talking to a chimp in its own language might not be impossible after all. Sara makes a "wuf-wuf" sound when talking to the tigers, and they make the sound back. "Sometimes," she says, "I know what they're thinking and feeling -- okay, it sounds strange, but I'm sure of it." Oddly enough, however, she has a pet dog who does not listen to her at all. For more information, call 816-224-2377.

10 Monday
Tonight is Gothic Industrial Resurrection night at Davey's Uptown Ramblers' Club, 3402 Main. DJs Replicant and Anabelle Evil might be able to help people with cold feet get warmed up for the Bondage-Whiplash Fetish night at the end of the month. But don't expect them to hold your hand through the whole thing -- this isn't a touchy-feely kind of crowd. Substitute "touch" and "feel" with more dramatic verbs, and then maybe you'll be onto something. Graveland Productions does the set design. The music starts at 10:30 p.m., and the cover is $3. For more information, call 816-753-1909.

11 Tuesday
Tonight at 7:30, the American Ballet Theatre is coming to the Music Hall, 13th and Central, to perform three pieces: Clark Tippet's Bruch Violin Concerto No. 1, Paul Taylor's Black Tuesday and Natalie Weir's Jabula. This last piece is the most obscure. Weir originally choreographed it as a solo in 1994, and it gained such popularity that the Queensland Ballet commissioned her to develop it into a longer work. The result is a dance full of athleticism, eroticism and energy. Set to Afro-Aboriginal music and incorporating both classical and modern influences, this piece marked the beginning of an exploratory phase when American Ballet Theatre added it to the repertoire last year. Tonight's bill proves that the company continues to include edgy and unusual dance numbers this season. Tickets cost between $20 and $45. For more information, call 816-415-5025.

12 Wednesday
Art has returned to Kansas City. Most of the galleries in the Crossroads District opened their doors to artists and people who like them (or like wine) on Friday, September 7. Now, after a month of summer vacation, gallery-lovers can start their treks once again. For example, the works on display in Surfacing at the Blue Gallery, 7 West 19th Street, combine text and images in unexpected ways. Notably, Maura Cluthe is still pitting frustrated-looking illustrated figures (a man who can't get his mask off, for example) against the words yes, no and maybe in the most purgatorial, undecided mantra ever. Today's gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information, call 816-527-0823.

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