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Standing Pat

I'm betting that David Glass doesn't do a damn thing.

Let me clarify. I'm betting Glass won't make any significant changes. It's so clear what's happening, we all should have known. I've been looking over statements made by Glass in the last several weeks and nowhere has he specifically said that Allard Baird is on the hot seat. It's been implied, but that's an important distinction. Glass has only generally promised "changes." The current frenzy has been brought to you by a media jumping to conclusions that the changes will include the general manager. It makes sense that Allard would be a target, but nothing Glass has ever done has made any sense to me anyway.

And now that the Royals have won [a few games] ... I wouldn't be surprised at all if a statement came from upstairs that now is not the time for changes. After all, the team is playing better and we need to be really sure. Not just kind of, sort of sure. Really sure.

That being said, Allard is still probably gone at the end of the year. When his contract is up and Glass doesn't have to pay him for not being an employee.

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