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Molly Picture Club, Molly Picture Club



Molly Picture Club
Molly Picture Club

The full-length debut from this local trio is heavy on dark-wave electronica and shirt-sopping disco grooves — a little like Depeche Mode, the B-52s and LCD Soundsystem having a boozy threesome that produced a music baby. Across 13 tracks, the band hits varying degrees of danceability, with opener "Idears (You Don't Dance Enough)" setting the tone. "Candy Girls" introduces noir camp into the dance-y festivities, while "Take Take Take" speaks to lust and loss in a small-big town. Lyrics teeter between thoughtful and cheesy (usually good cheesy). The mix of violin, guitars and programming sounds effortless, and the back-and-forth, male-female vocals from Aniko Adany and Michael Tipton give the proceedings a charming oomph. Some bubble gum, some brains — a worthy debut.

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