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Mission Admonished


Eight days ago, the Bush administration concluded with a traditional winter blast of frigid D.C. air and ignominy and left us with a palpable sense of, like, hope or something. Historians will spend decades sifting through the debris of the past eight years of political recklessness, framing it in accordance with their varying agendas. Meanwhile, alt-folk troubadour Todd Snider eschews overt political messaging, veiling his opinions in his cultivated stoner's drawl and poetic obscurity. Still, in the infectious "Mission Accomplished," from his new EP, Peace Queer, Snider sings about working for a man who could not stop lyin', drove us off a cliff and called it flyin'. As he explains, That ain't flyin'. Snider brings his repertoire of catchy pop-folk to the VooDoo Lounge at Harrah's Casino (1 Riverboat Drive, 816-472-7777) tonight at 8. Tickets cost $20-$25.
Wed., Jan. 28, 8 p.m., 2009

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