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Minor Madness Hip-Hop Showcase

Saturday, March 26, at El Torreon.


January's Minor Mix-Up show at El Torreon offered undeniable evidence of a thriving local hip-hop scene: scores of enthusiastic young fans rhyming along with their favorite native heroes. After three months -- an eternity for underage fans dying for a live hip-hop fix -- most of those local MCs and a few friends from out of town are ready to do it all over again. Minor Madness promises to give Kansas City kids something to cheer for, even though the Jayhawks screwed up their third-seed placement. In January, Approach topped the bill, but this time around it's the ferocious tongue of Mac Lethal. Coming back for seconds are the fast-rhyming C.E.S. Cru, the Guild, Human Cropcircles, Anti-Crew, Talysman, Reach and the ever-impressive DJ Sku on the Ones and Twos. Coming in from Houston are the Red Dot Didaktiks. From up north travels Minneapolis' the C.O.R.E. According to the event's producer, Sike Steez, so many MCs wanted to join the list that an open-mike session had to be added to the schedule. The event starts at 7:30 p.m.

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