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Mark Olson


Click here to listen to “Clifton Bridge” by Mark Olson

It took Mark Olson more than a decade to release a proper solo album following his departure from the Jayhawks, the highly successful band he helped found. Just as the Jayhawks' Tomorrow the Green Grass was finding big success in 1996, Olson was off to tour with a new band, the Creekdippers. Now, his highly personal The Salvation Blues puts Olson's voice at center stage and features writing by former Jayhawks bandmate Gary Louris as well as lyrical production by Ben Vaughn. The album dovetails with a new documentary of the same name, shot by filmmaker Ray Foley as the alt-country pioneer shared his songs with intimate New York audiences. Olson should be riding high; the film debuted August 30 at the city's famed Bowery Ballroom.

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