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Mac Lethal

Friday, June 23, at the Record Bar.


To the uninitiated, the Overland Park-bred Mac Lethal might come off as a smart-ass white kid who thinks he can rap because ... well, that's kind of who he is. The thing is, Mac's right. His acid-spiked soliloquies were enough to land him a record deal with Minneapolis indie-hop juggernaut Rhymesayers Entertainment. (His first RS disc, 11:11, drops later this year.) But to Mac (David McCleary Sheldon), a brazen Kansas City loyalist, the underground's biggest name wasn't enough. His new side project, Black Clover Records, is already home to two local albums — his own Love Potion Collection, Vol. 2, a sort of album-before-the-album, and Hi, May I Help You?, a new solo mix from Mac collaborator Joe Good.

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