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Mac Lethal

Saturday, April 12, at the Hurricane.


When Mac Lethal fought his way to first place at Scribble Jam last year, the one-man hip-hop army proved that he's capable of winning battles. However, his latest single, "Pass the Ammo," indicates that he'd prefer to ditch the war altogether. In March, Mac rush-released the scathing critique of U.S. foreign policy and encouraged free downloads ( "Ammo" has received scads of Lawrence radio play and thousands of online listens. Hopping onstage unannounced at a recent Approach show, Mac performed the track a cappella, slowing a buzzing Bottleneck to a crawl and transfixing everyone in the room. Mac's dramatic diatribe drops a verbal bunker-buster on Bush's big-Iraq attack while pointing out the hypocrisy of selective warmongering (The Presidential niece is sniffin' all the drugs/While these kids up in Rwanda shrug while eating water bugs). Fortunately, Mac's political side hasn't quenched his thirst for vaginal juice and bottles of Windex, and pairing the MC with bad babysitter Princess Superstar seems like a Captain-and-Tennille-of-rap moment that can't fail to entertain.

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