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Lady Kier

Saturday, August 7, at Kabal.


Enjoying the twilight of your career as one-hit wonder after your smash single fades from memory is a much more palatable experience if you happen to have scored a club hit. A DJ can hop from club to club with only a case of choice records, whereas their rock counterparts must pack vans, tow heavy gear, endure ridicule, pay roadies, tune instruments and fool with dangerous pyrotechnics. Lady Kier's sultry voice lodged itself in your brain with 1990's "Groove Is in the Heart," the breakthrough hit from Dee-Lite's first album, World Clique. Dee-Lite split up in 1996, but Lady Kier learned a thing or two from her former cohorts (DJ Towa Tei and DJ Super Dimitry); she has been spinning in clubs the world over ever since. And now the eclectic house and techno diva brings the groove back to the heart of Kansas City.

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