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Kyle James and Kemet "thePhantom*" Coleman come of age in KC's music scene

Kemet "thePhantom*" Coleman and Kyle James want all eyes on them.



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Coleman grew up in a religious home. His father became a pastor in 1997. Coleman says his parents made him read the Bible — an experience he says helps him write lyrics.

"I'm spiritual enough to be comfortable saying those things," Coleman says of "Believer." "God is a lot cooler than people believe."

Kyle James is a different kind of believer. His faith is in his music. He believes he's going to make it. He believes Coleman is going to make it.

"Since the music has been picking up, I feel like a lot of people are like, 'I understand that kid,'" James says.

"My goal is to conquer this city," Coleman says. "I want to be a household name with this guy."

"My buddy from L.A. just started a record label, and we've got some contractual things in the works," James says. "We may not be here for long."

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