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A band with a name like Klusterfux would have to have a great origin story, right? "It started around 1983 or maybe '82," founding member Bob Cutler divulges in an e-mail. "We don't really remember. Those days are a fog of amyl nitrate, beer and hormones. Reagan was president, and with the Cold War still warm, we were convinced that the world was going to end, and society was doomed, and we were going to be marched off into camps and gassed." Obviously, that didn't happen, but the rowdy Topeka punks broke up in 1995. For some reason, they're fighting their way back onto the scene now with a mix of aggro-political songs and odes to getting laid. "Maybe the brain cells killed off by the amyl nitrate have grown back and we feel a need, an obligation and duty, to kill them off again. Midlife crises? Maybe," Cutler explains. "Seems like our entire lives have been a crisis of one sort or another." Experience the kaos at the Record Bar.

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