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Keith Sweat

Saturday, July 24, at Starlight Theater.


There are reasons why Keith Sweat is the most prominent graduate of the first class of new-jack swing. One reason is Bobby Brown's instant disqualification. Another reason is Sweat's 1987 jam "I Want Her," from his debut album, Make It Last Forever. Then there are his handful of hit singles spread over eight studio albums, the first five of which hit the top of the R&B charts. Plus, there's his successful stint with fellow classmates Johnny Gill and Gerald Levert as LSG. Any could justify his claim on the New Jack Swinger Still Standing award, but most important, his name is Keith Sweat, and that is a badass name. He even recorded a song called "Make You Sweat." Again, badass. If your name is Keith Sweat, you automatically get to be famous and stay that way. For comparison, the name Al B. Sure gets you absolutely nothing.

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