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The Kansas City Chiefs went down
hard in 2011

It was a rough year for the hometown team.



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Raiding the Coffers
September 19, 2011

Oakland Raiders fan Clifford Trammel went to a game at Arrowhead in 2009, got in a fight with Chiefs fans and got whupped. In 2011, he came back with a lawsuit seeking $250,000 in damages to bite the Chiefs organization in the ass. That's a bad metaphor, though, considering that Trammel claims to have lost four teeth in the fight. Trammel says he was beaten by two men, fell down two rows of seats and received cuts to his face. You'd think the loss of teeth would make him even scarier in spiked shoulder pads and silver and black face paint.

Taking It From the Chin
September 21, 2011

After losing its best offensive and defensive players and losing its first two games by a total of 89-10, the Chiefs were ripe to be made into a national punch line. And Jay Leno came through. During his September 21 monologue, the host of The Tonight Show quipped: "Well, here's something frightening. Scientists from NASA have said a research satellite the size of a bus will crash into the Earth on Friday. They say they have no idea where it will land, although they say it has better odds of landing in the end zone than the Kansas City Chiefs." The worst part: There was no way to refute him. Maybe Haley should have focused more on installing the offense than conditioning in the offseason.

Haley and Cassel Shout It Out
October 2, 2011

There was plenty of unnecessary drama and infighting, even when the Chiefs won. During the team's week-four win over the Minnesota Vikings, Haley and quarterback Matt Cassel got in a shouting match on the sidelines. The argument was so contentious that players and coaches had to separate them. The spat came late in the second quarter after Cassel spiked the ball, forcing the team to attempt a third field goal of the half. Haley wanted Cassel to try a little harder to get the first down. The embarrassing tiff was broadcast live on Fox — and posted to sports blogs around the country as further proof that this was a team in disarray. Haley and Cassel were quick to make nice in the afterglow of the 22-17 win. "You hug, you make up, you do high-fives and you just move on to the next play," Cassel said. He might have been on to something. The Chiefs reeled off three more victories before falling apart again.

[Insert Sponsor Name Here] at Arrowhead Stadium
October 14, 2011

In mid-October, various media outlets reported that the Chiefs would soon be announcing a naming-rights deal for Arrowhead Stadium. Fans went into a tizzy guessing the new name of Arrowhead. Google Field at Arrowhead? Sprint Stadium? H&R Block Arena of Mediocrity? Turns out, there was no deal. A team spokesperson quashed the rumors and said the team had been looking for a name sponsor since 2006. At least the Chiefs didn't sell the name of its stadium to a refinancing company subsequent to the bursting of the housing bubble (Quicken Loans Arena); a TARP recipient that took money from the federal government and wanted to charge its customers debit-card fees (Bank of America Stadium); or a company guilty of staggering corporate fraud (Enron Field). Let's hope that sponsor-ready Arrowhead Stadium doesn't catch MF Global's eye.

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