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Junior Brown

Saturday, June 22, at the Beaumont Club.


Offering a pearl of wisdom to young up-and-comer Junior Brown, music legend Ernest Tubb simply advised, "Keep it country, son." Now in his mid-forties, Brown has stayed true to those sage words. Armed with his "guit-steel," a double-necked six-string-and-steel monstrosity dubbed "Big Red," Brown embraces everything from Dick Dale's surf sounds to Jimi Hendrix's acid-rock pyrotechnics. There's little doubt, however, that Brown's home is in the country. He plays with the fury and flourish of an old-time roadside-tent revivalist, hooking his unsuspecting marks with jaw-dropping technique and slick country charm. His sixth and latest album, Mixed Brown Bag, showcases Brown's talent as a singer and songwriter, featuring a no-nonsense approach that matches his country-gentry wardrobe and dignified demeanor.

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