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Monday, April 17, at the Main Street Café.


Josephine evolved into a seven-piece behemoth after its original incarnation, the Josephine Love Letter, disintegrated. "[Guitarist] Martin [Swank] and I called everyone we knew and said, 'We're going to start a band that's fast and fun and will be nice instead of crushing skulls in the pit,'" singer Dillon Devoe says. "That's why there's so many of us, because we're friends first and bandmates second." In keeping with its no-skull-crushing ethos, this Johnson County group avoids the chugging riffs that fuel its peers' breakdown binges. Instead, Josephine favors dual vocals (one singer has an operatic, power-metal range, the other a melodic voice capable of savage shrieks), intertwined guitars, progressive song structures and strong hooks.

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