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Jeff Belfi

Saturday, January 8, at Club Vital.


With live bands, it's usually essential that all members attend a performance. At the very least, the group's most popular presence must take the stage to avoid repercussions, such as refund demands or riots. After all, fans holding tickets to a Cure concert wouldn't be satisfied with a solo set from Perry Bamonte. But the rules differ with DJ duos, because it takes only one hand to drop the needle on a throbbing techno record. Jeff Belfi will bring the Blue Room Project's full stack of outlandishly funky wax to this gig, even though deckmate Shane Ehlers won't be making the trip. Die-hard Blue Room fans might miss the amiable interplay between the two New York spin-scenesters, but most dancers within earshot will be too busy moving to the massive grooves to notice that anything's missing.

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