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Irish Rules


Sometimes a sport comes along that is so intriguing, it demands attention — but is too obscure to warrant space on cable TV. Gaelic football is soccer for players who want to use all their appendages. As in soccer, players use their feet to advance the ball in attempts to score goals. Unlike soccer, players can strike the ball with an open hand to pass to a teammate (though throwing is disallowed), and players score by kicking or striking the ball over the crossbar, like a field goal. Every Sunday at 11 a.m., the Kansas City Gaelic Athletic Club engages in the joys of their game at the Kansas City Wizards' practice facility at Swope Park (63rd Street and Lewis). If you've ever wondered how the Irish play lacrosse, you can watch today's hurling matches, too. Admission is free; call 816-805-9559 for details.
Sun., June 29, 2008

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