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Institutional Emissions


In among the many departmental open houses from 5 to 8 tonight at the Kansas City Art Institute (4415 Warwick, 800-522-5224), one interdisciplinary collective of students, under the guidance of Assistant Professor Dwight Frizzell, stages an annual arts showcase called Media Discharge."We've only been calling it Media Discharge for two years now," Frizzell says. "When they [the students] came up with Media Discharge, I thought, Oh, no. What will people think? There's an interesting mixed message in discharge. You can interpret it several ways. And they're all probably correct — I'm looking at a puke-green poster here in front of me."The work exhibited falls into a broad category, he adds. "It's basically an exhibition of time-based media arts — video performance, music, audio art, some new media, some installation work, digital film and animation. But ultimately, all art is time-based, since it takes time to perceive any kind of work."One of the artists will perform in two locations simultaneously. "Zach Springer has developed his own instruments," Frizzell says. "They are sculptural but also very auditory. One is a tree fashioned and made using old fire extinguishers. They're electro-acoustically amplified. They'll be performed in the basement. And, via live feed, they'll be part of an installation performance in the Interdisciplinary Arts Gallery space." Media Discharge is free and begins at 7 p.m. in Epperson Auditorium, in the Vanderslice Building.
Fri., Dec. 7, 7 p.m., 2007

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