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The Prairie Dogg finds the dirt on Flapjacks, Yoda and Japanese flutes with DJ Chris Kilmore of Incubus.


PD: Is playing Hershey, Pennsylvania, kinda dull after playing Kuala Lumpur?
CK: I guess it would be if I wasn't from here. I grew up in a small town about 14 miles from Hershey.

Any spots you hit when you're home?
Oh, yeah. There is this place called Flapjacks. It's the only bar in my town. Well, it's not technically in my town -- I grew up in a dry town -- but it's right across the highway.

What's Flapjacks' specialty?
They have Yuengling lager on tap. If you order four Yuengling lagers and four shots of Jaeger, it'll probably cost you about $10. It's definitely not L.A.

How much freedom does a DJ in a rock band have?
The guys let me do whatever I want. I can add some East Indian girls chanting or some Japanese flutes, and it will completely change a song.

Do you find those records by crate-digging on tour?
Absolutely. A lot of the records I have used -- especially on Morning View -- I got overseas. For me, it's like having a fresh palette. Anything from a train passing by to brakes on a car can be used as an influence. If I can record it, I'll use it.

How are Americans treated abroad these days?
The government isn't looked fondly upon by international audiences. But individually, people are people. I didn't vote Bush into office, and people can recognize that.

Were you surprised when the "Megalomaniac" video was banned from prime time for its political content?
It didn't surprise me at all. I was under the impression that they weren't even going to play it. But even if MTV banned it to nighttime, somebody had to be paying attention.

How can Incubus influence the average person?
When you see Fahrenheit 9/11 or listen to a band like Rage or Public Enemy, people have a personal connection that can influence them more than the president can, because most people can't relate to him.

Who do you relate to: Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader or Chewbacca?
Yoda all the way. I'm a Yoda fanatic. He's humble. He's got a lot of wisdom. But he can kick some ass if he has to.

Do you use the Force on the turntables?
I try to. But sometimes I can’t find it.

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