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It's always killing season in Kansas City

More than 100 people have been killed in the metro this year.



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Homicide Victim No. 100

On November 19, Rickey King became Kansas City, Missouri's 100th homicide victim of 2011. King, 17, was killed at Blue Hills Park at 53rd Street and Brooklyn. King was with three friends when someone with an assault rifle opened fire on them around 10:15 p.m. King and another person were struck. A backseat passenger steered the car, which crashed into a fire hydrant at 53rd and Prospect.

King was a Boy Scout on the verge of receiving several new badges. He was on track to graduate in May from Southwest Early College Campus, where he was involved in ROTC. He played sports and tutored junior high school students. He had talked about joining the Navy after graduation and returning to Kansas City after his service to become a police officer.

Thanksgiving Triple Homicide

Jerry Petty is suspected of killing his wife and two other people on Thanksgiving Day before Kansas City police fatally shot him. Loretta Petty, 53, and Deja Davis, her 16-year-old goddaughter, were found dead in the Pettys' home, near 66th Street and Bellefontaine.

Davis' mother sent her son to check on Davis, who had missed dinner and hadn't been heard from all day. The Kansas City Star reported that when Davis' brother arrived at the Pettys' home, Jerry Petty, 64, was inside (apparently attempting to make the killings look like a burglary gone awry). Davis' brother called police after seeing a broken window.

Police encountered Jerry Petty inside the home. Petty opened fire on officers, who returned fire and killed Petty.

Deja Davis was a junior at Ruskin High School, where she was on the debate team. She was visiting Loretta Petty to help her cook.

Jerry Petty is also believed to have killed 56-year-old Denise Hall, who was found dead at 2916 East 69th Street on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, while robbing her for money to buy crack, according to the Star. Police believe Hall was killed a couple of days before the discovery of her body. She was an acquaintance of Petty's.


Red Roof Inn Triple Homicide

Armin Hamidovic was sitting next to Isaac Perdomo-Paz's ex-girlfriend on a bed at a Red Roof Inn February 26. This didn't go over well with Perdomo-Paz, 18. He argued with Hamidovic, lifted his shirt, pulled a black handgun from his waistband and pointed it at Hamidovic.

Perdomo-Paz allegedly shot Hamidovic in the head before also killing Dejan Joksimovic and Delfino Elizondo, who were also shot in the head.

The three homicide victims had been partying in Independence before moving to the Northland Red Roof Inn. Police were called to the hotel room at 3:19 a.m., where they found Hamidovic, 18, next to the door to the room. He was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Joksimovic, 18, was dead at the scene. His body was slumped over in a chair next to a bed. Elizondo, 22, was lying on another bed in the room. He was taken to a hospital; the father of two was removed from life support early the next day.

Five .380-caliber automatic shell casings were found in the room. Clay County authorities charged Perdomo-Paz with three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of armed criminal action.

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