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It's always killing season in Kansas City

More than 100 people have been killed in the metro this year.



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Ives, a 48-year-old realtor, was found dead inside his renovated Northeast-neighborhood mansion February 28. He had died from multiple gunshot wounds and cuts. Court documents say a second suspect, 18-year-old Zachary Kimbrell, admitted driving Cubba to Ives' home so that Cubba could rob him. Kimbrell told police that he knew Cubba was armed with a knife. And when Cubba came back to Kimbrell's vehicle, he was "covered in blood and carrying a gun." Cubba allegedly told Kimbrell that he had stabbed Ives but ended up cutting his own hand.

The plan, according to Kimbrell, was to sell Ives' handgun.

Detectives investigating the scene found a knife sheath near a fence and a knife with blood on it. Ives' cell phone, wallet and silver revolver were missing. But detectives found a cell phone at the crime scene and checked the last number called, which went to a number belonging to Cubba. Detectives checked Ives' computer and found e-mails between Ives and Cubba, agreeing to meet at Ives' home on the night of the killing.

Police searched Cubba's home March 2 and found a silver .44-caliber revolver in his bedroom.

Cubba and Kimbrell are charged with second-degree murder, first-degree robbery and two felony counts of armed criminal action.


Man Killed at 5-Year-Old's Birthday Party

DeAnthony Clemons was shooting hoops with friends at a 5-year-old's birthday party April 8. Someone sneaked up beside the home, near 114th Street and Delmar, and started shooting. Clemons, 17, tried to run but was struck. He died at the scene. Police are still looking for his killer.


Teen Killed After High School Graduation

Hours after he graduated from Paseo Academy, Cortez Williams was shot and killed.

Williams, 18, was found slumped over the wheel of a green Honda Passport at 4828 East 40th Terrace around 8:27 p.m. May 22. He was rushed to a hospital, where he later died.

Terry Smith, 19, told detectives that he believed he was responsible for Williams' death. Smith explained that a dispute over a stolen gun led him to fire shots into a black SUV. He said he kept firing as the Honda driven by Williams passed into his line of fire. Smith said he didn't know that he had shot anyone when he fled the scene. He's charged with second-degree murder, unlawful use of a weapon and armed criminal action.


Child Killed By Stray Bullet on Independence Day

Blair Shanahan Lane, 11 years old, was celebrating the Fourth of July at her uncle's home, near 43rd Street and Pittman, when she was struck in the neck and killed by a stray bullet.

The bullet was fired by 50-year-old Aaron Sullivan, who was a security guard at the Whispering Lakes Apartment Complex. Sullivan pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter December 1, admitting that he fired the gun and also allowed three friends to shoot it. His sentencing is slated for February 3.

Lane's killing has led Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker to ask Missouri lawmakers to pass Blair's Law, making it a felony (with a few exceptions) to fire a gun within city limits.

Killing Outside Chubby's

A double shooting outside Chubby's restaurant, at 3756 Broadway, left one person dead and another in critical condition July 21. Police received reports of the shooting at 2:34 a.m. Anthony Hill, 30, was found shot to death in the midtown diner's parking lot. Witnesses reported seeing an argument and hearing several gunshots.


Man Killed Five Days After Getting Married

Ron James had married his longtime girlfriend five days before he was shot in the head and killed in the afternoon of August 3. James, 35, was driving near 58th Street and Euclid when, according to witnesses, someone in a gold Chevy Impala opened fire on James' vehicle, which crashed into a tree. James died behind the wheel.

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