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Sunday, November 30, at the Hurricane.


Leave it to St. Paul to spawn another progressive hip-hop hybrid. Minnesota always gets the forward-thinking hip-hop heads. Hey, Duluth, how about you share some with the rest of us! If nothing else, all those cold winters have given Heiruspecs plenty of time to stay cooped up honing conscientious lyrics and live instrumentals à la groups such as the Roots, adding a bit of funk and a stab of jazz to the conventional hip-hop habitat. The group is made up of two MCs, a drummer, a keyboardist and a cherubic bass player named Twinkiejiggles. That's gold right there. The resulting eclectic sound has led to opening gigs for the likes of Jurassic 5, Anti-Pop Consortium and the White Stripes. The story behind the band name goes that the band misspelled itself after haruspices, or soothsayers, from ancient Rome. And we all know how soothsayers can rock a party -- particularly when they're from Minnesota.

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