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Happy Birthday, Will Crabtree



Promoter Will Crabtree has been at the forefront of KC's dance scene for several years now. The man responsible for the fabled Chaos Theory parties at the Uptown and a slew of other memorable clubbing events has appointed Mike Balance and the Control Freeks to headline his 25th-birthday bash at Skybox Saturday. Mike Balance plays and produces a brand of funky disco house and helped foster the electronic dance music scene in Boise, Idaho. Don't laugh at his provincial base of ops — Balance has had two singles reach No. 1 on The Control Freeks, a local house-spinning duo (DJ Atom and Xan Lucero), have perfected the art of "tagging" —alternating one track at a time, with each using his own stack. Find out what that looks like by coming out to show your thanks to Will C. Buy him a shot. If it weren't for him, you'd be partyless.

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