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Greg Enemy (EP)



Kanye West popularized nerdy swagger, and Kansas City rapper Greg Enemy seems to have run with it. As of this writing, Enemy's profile picture on MySpace finds him staring pensively from beneath a run-down stocking cap, with oversized Urkel-like glasses and a mustache sprouting from his upper lip. It's the sort of laissez-faire look fashioned by someone who cares very much about his appearance. Enemy's eponymous debut is similarly self-indulgent. His everyman approach is frequently self-deprecating, intellectual and plain trippy. Enemy seems to enjoy floating among his own abstractions, constructing spaced-out solipsisms that are galaxies removed from the earthly pleasures of predictable rhyme schemes and gangster machismo. And there's even an entire track in homage to his bifocal swag, "Fly Ass Glasses," thrown in. Those who like their MCs to name-check folks like Noam Chomsky, which Enemy does, will savor the dissenting spirit behind the Greg Enemy EP.

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