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Glass Candy & shattered theatre

Friday, June 11, at the Replay Lounge.


Perhaps the only interesting attraction at Science City is its hall of optical illusions, which combines vase-or-face-variety visuals with dizzying, surreal effects that could make it a druggie's delight. One display proves that if a grotesquely deformed portrait hangs upside down, the brain views the facial features as normal because it's too disoriented to perceive additional flaws. Similarly, when musicians don body glitter and sci-fi sextraterrestrial costumes, they can craft confrontational cacophonies without alienating the overwhelmed audience. More so than most performance-art-infused acts, Glass Candy & Shattered Theatre actually throws its crowds some hooks. Electric frontwoman Ida No howls and yowls over fuzzy riffs and bodacious boom-boom beats, a punk princess detonating disco dynamite. Its minimalist tunes are dark yet danceable, setting spectators in involuntary motion as they stare transfixed at the onstage spectacle.

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