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Gil Mantera's Party Dream

Wednesday, June 7, at the Record Bar.


If New Wave synth-dance kitsch, love-song heartache and homoerotic glee were rolled into one terrifying experience, it might be called Gil Mantera's Party Dream. On the band's latest, Bloodsongs, guitarist and songwriter Gil Mantera and frontman Ultimate Donny thread tender emotions through rich mixes that clearly took some finesse to create. Live, however, the Party Dream becomes an altogether more unwieldy beast. Like a couple of drunk guys falling out of a Snuffleupagus costume, the Party Dream is none too careful about where it bumps its big, fat flanks. Hell, Mantera and Donny didn't put the word party in their band name for nothing — both shamelessly don ridiculous skintight outfits while trampling over the music in favor of bombastic bump-and-grind beats. It's a hell of a time.

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