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George Thorogood and the Destroyers

In 1982, George Thorogood crossed over from blues to pop charts because MTV played the fuck out of the video for the title track of the Destroyers' major-label debut, Bad to the Bone.

In it, Thorogood chugged bottles of beer, smoked ciggies and schooled dudes in pool at a local roadhouse. He was like Bob Seger's tougher, meaner baby brother. After he went b-b-b-b-bad, Thorogood continued to put out gold records, but like so many other artists who tasted success in the 1980s, his popularity waned in the '90s.

But that hasn't kept this brazen guitarist from Delaware — whose voice sounds like it's sponsored by Jack Daniel's and Camel Wides — off the road. The man still packs blues and rock clubs.

YouTube: "Highway 49" by George Thorogood:

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