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George Jones

Sunday, June 18, at the Ameristar Casino.


So George Jones turned, like, 124 last year. Well, 74, but, come on, the guy's getting on. Yet he continues to play nearly 100 shows a year. The Possum, it turns out, likes to rock a stage a helluva lot more than a chair. And hey, his sausage is pretty good, too. Um, his breakfast sausage: George Jones Country Style Breakfast Sausage and Country Style Hamburger Patties. Mmm, good. But seriously, the guy is a country legend of the still-living variety, which is pretty hard to find today. (Kenny Rogers doesn't count, despite his rotisserie chicken ... sorry, Gambler.) So don't wait until he's fertilizing some Nashville cemetery before you make the time to check him out. The show won't be nearly as much fun then.

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