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"I love the Kansas City Royals' colors and uniforms. I'm a styles guy. Style is the key. I signed with Clemson because they wore white shoes."
-- Zack Greinke, the Royals' first-round draft pick, a hard-throwing pitcher from Apopka High School in Orlando, Florida, KMBZ 980
"We'll see about that."
-- Greinke, when told by Kevin Kietzman that it won't be as easy to strike out batters in the minors as it was in high school, WHB 810
GH: If this kid can pitch as well as he can talk, Allard Baird picked a winner. His interviews with Soren Petro and Kietzman were as much fun as I've heard on either show in months.
"Barring injury, I think Alex Rodriquez will hit 900 home runs in his career."
-- Soren Petro, 980
"A nation's love affair with baseball is dying. It is as obvious as 25,000 empty seats on a Thursday afternoon at Coors Field, where the scalpers now go begging on Blake Street and there is no line to buy a $5.25 light beer at the concession stand. Are the players and owners too blind and dumb to see? Baseball is dead in Montreal, dying in Florida and barely breathing from Pittsburgh to Kansas City. Go ahead. Strike. Shut down the game. See if we care. Baseball cannot be reborn until sleazy [Bud] Selig and the selfish players kill it first."
-- Mark Kiszla, columnist, Denver Post
"[Derrick Thomas] had such a big heart. He gave out turkeys at Thanksgiving and handed toys to kids at Christmas. He read to children at the library. He quietly sent money whenever he heard a hard-luck story. He appeared wherever there was a worthwhile-sounding charity. Chiefs president/general manager Carl Peterson can remember when Thomas was still young, before he had become one of the great pass rushers in the history of the NFL. 'I want to help kids,' Thomas said. 'All of them.' That's the Derrick Thomas I want to remember. Monday afternoon, a new charter school opened up in Kansas City."
-- Joe Posnanski, The Kansas City Star
GH: Naming a school after a man who fathered seven children with five women is just the latest joke in Kansas City's education system.

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