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If your AM radio is on the fritz, catch up on all your sports talk here.

"Why not? They're not really using their facility for football anyway."
-- Tim Fitzgerald, publisher of Powercat Illustrated, on whether Kansas State should move its spring game to the University of Kansas' Memorial Stadium while K-State's stadium gets FieldTurf this spring, WHB 810
"Pictures of my kids have value. Pictures of athletes on trading cards have none -- at least not to me."
-- Bob Halloran, columnist,
GH: America's weird obsession with sports memorabilia is another clear sign that some people have more money than taste.
"This is not a knee-jerk reaction. This is part of an ongoing effort ... something that we'd been working on for a while. We have a number of promotions and programs, and this is one of them."
-- Patty Paytas, Pittsburgh Pirates spokeswoman, after the Pirates dropped the price of some seats and had to send out rebates to season ticket holders who had already purchased similar seats, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
GH: The Post-Gazette reports that as of April 11, the Pirates had sold 10,100 season tickets this year, about 40 percent less than the record-setting 17,000 it sold last year for the team's first season at PNC Park. Total sales to date are $1.16 million, well below last season's record $2.4 million. PNC Park is only one year old, and already its season-ticket sales are less than what the Royals sold last year in a 32-year-old park. The idea that a new baseball stadium will solve revenue problems for the Royals and other small-market franchises is nothing more than another MLB myth.
"why is everyone trippin' on 810? men what gives? why do you all hate 810? i realize the forums getting shut down was unfortunate. but can we at least have a little objectivity? the station is doing a pretty good job. think about what sports talk was like before 1510/810."
-- Jason Whitlock, posting on a Web site set up by former forum posters,
GH: 810 shut down its Web site's public forum section in January, and many of the site's regulars have set up shop at If you've been looking for the Terrordome and its inhabitants, you'll find them there.

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