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If your AM radio is on the fritz, catch up on all your sports talk here.

"You've got a team full of guys who are just happy to come out to the ballpark. You've got a team full of guys who are just happy to have a kid ask them for an autograph. You've got a team full of guys who are just happy to have a chick come up to them in a bar and say, 'Wow! You're a Royal!'"
-- Soren Petro, on the 2002 Royals, KMBZ 980
"I think what the Chiefs have got to do is develop their own guy [at quarterback] and quit taking other people's junk."
-- Tim Grunhard, WHB 810
GH: Strong words from a guy who was huddled up with most of that "junk" the past decade.
"We were playing down in Houston and getting killed. Dave Kreig was throwing interceptions all over the place. I always prided myself in getting downfield and chasing the guy [who intercepted the pass]. I'm chasing one guy about 30 yards, and he runs out of bounds right in front of the Houston cheerleaders. I think to myself, "I can cop a feel on one of these cheerleaders right now." So I ran through them and grabbed a cheerleader's boob. That's the kind of stuff that goes through your mind while you're on the field."
-- Tim Grunhard, former Chiefs center, 810
"It's not really about the money. It's about playing at the highest level."
-- Kareem Rush, after announcing he'll forgo his senior year at MU for the NBA, Metro Sports
GH: Yeah, right. That's probably why he never bothered to declare a major during his three years at Mizzou. Kareem, it's okay if it's about the money. If we could, we'd be right there with you.
"Absolutely not. Do you remember how livid we all were when Jason [Whitlock] had that photographer following him [in the studio] and we were not prepared for our spotlights and we were not ready for our close-ups? And they did do close-ups on us! It was not fun. I can't even imagine how horrible that would be. The prospect terrifies me. Nobody wants that."
-- Magnificent Megan, on the possibility of Metro Sports' televising some local sports-talk radio shows, 810
GH: Oh, the horror! And some believe we Americans have our priorities in the proper perspective since 9/11.

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