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They're not nude -- but they might be lewd, crude and rude.


Don't let the name of the event fool you -- no one will be naked at the Full Frontal Olympics. Well, no one plans to be naked. But you never know. The presenting comedy troupe aspires to the truest form of improvisation, where nothing is suppressed.

Full Frontal Comedy founding member Tina Morrison says that because her crew is Kansas City's only adult comedy troupe, its sometimes-raunchy shows set it apart from the Comedy City club or the Improv-Abilities group.

"We don't censor ourselves," Morrison says. "We let the audience say whatever the heck they want, and we go with it."

At the troupe's first performance of the season earlier this month, one rascal in the crowd demanded a Heidi Fleiss character. The lineup had only one female comedian that night, and her turn happened to come up; she treated the house to a very involved mime of a blow job. The same show found another improviser pretending to hawk a chocolate-covered French tickler on the Home Shopping Network.

Full Frontal's lack of inhibition might lead to R-rated content, but it also gives each show a sense of daring.

"We really shake things up," Morrison says. "Our lineup changes, we're always open to learning to new games, and we don't do the exact same format every show."

This weekend, the troupe operates within a more structured format with its Full Frontal Olympics. The show includes a rehearsed "opening ceremony" and focuses on timely characters, such as local gymnastics star Courtney McCool and swimming poster boy Michael Phelps. Two teams will compete for the gold medal in wit.

Over the years, the group's emphasis on freshness has drawn increasingly larger crowds, Morrison says. For this sixth season, Full Frontal has relocated to the larger and more centrally located Barn Players in Mission.

If you go, don't expect nudity. But do expect Full Frontal to hang their balls out, metaphorically speaking.

"People will have a great time with us," Morrison says. "As long as they're not uptight."

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