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Forty Twenty

Friday, December 5, at Davey's Uptown / Saturday, December 6, at the Bottleneck


Given that a lot of alt-country these days shares closer ties to the original spirit and feel of old-school country music, it makes you wonder what the hell the alt is for. Is it because it's an alternative to today's crap-country of Toby Keith or the pop-country-diva posing of Shania Twain? When exactly did alt-country come to be considered the bastard stepchild? Who knows. But "purveyors of fine music" Forty Twenty don't profess to have the answer, either. Instead, this corn-fed quintet has been quietly campaigning to be a top-notch bar band, as comfortable in the local roadhouse or college-town bar as it is in the honky-tonks and saloons of its hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska.

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