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First-Annual KKFI Benefit Concert



Charles Larry, better known to the city's hip-hop denizens as F.L.O., wants to help support radio station KKFI 90.1. Having grown up with Mz. Shai, host of the station's Saturday night Show-Me Mix Show, F.L.O. has a personal interest in making sure the station and its DJs avoid the recessionary ax. As a local concert promoter, F.L.O. estimates that he has put on more than 100 shows over the course of six or seven years, all without a single incident of major violence. (In the topsy-turvy world of underground rap shows, that's a remarkable feat.) F.L.O. has agreed to fully finance Saturday's First-Annual KKFI Benefit Concert, sending half of the evening's proceeds to the station. Standing proud on the roster — which is split between rock bands and hip-hop artists — is local rap veteran James Christos (pictured). F.L.O. describes Christos, whose rap career spans more than a decade, as a "new millennium mixture of Kanye West and Lil Wayne." Joining Christos on the hip-hop portion of the night's roster are locals Joe Cool Xta-C, Swass Blasty, Royce Diamonds, Overkill and R&B-reggae mixer VG. (The show begins at 8 p.m. with the bands going first.) As the airwaves go digital, stations like 90.1 could use some extra dough. James Christos to the rescue?

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